Online Safety

Social Media and Online Gaming

As a school, we understand the importance of technology and how it can benefit children, however safety and well-being are also equally important. Our priority is to keep your children safe and happy. Social media and online gaming can cause problems that can only be prevented if we work together.

We are noticing an alarming rise in the amount of conflicts / issues with friendships beginning at home on social media and then being continued in school the next day. We would like all parents to help us by being vigilant and ensuring that you are aware of everything that your child is doing online. Children under 13 should not have their own social media or gaming accounts however if you are allowing them to do so, please check their message streams and ensure that you can hear everything they are saying when online. We advise parents to never allow their child to access the internet unsupervised. There are several resources below that we would recommend parents and carers to read in order to help children to stay safe online.