Welcome to Zones of Regulation!

The Zones of Regulation is part of our curriculum. It is a child friendly way to teach children what it means to be emotionally literate. It helps children to learn tools to self regulate, resolve conflict and manage change.

All feelings are divided into four coloured Zones : Blue, Green, Yellow, Red.

Blue contains feelings like being tired, sad, sick, bored. As a result of being in the Blue Zone your body feels heavy, sluggish, down. You are not ready to learn.

Green contains feelings like being content, calm, focused, kind, generous, caring. As a result of being in the Green Zone, your body feels just right and is able to manage distractions. You are ready to learn.

Yellow contains feelings like being worried, anxious, fidgety, restless, frustrated, excited. As result of being in the Yellow Zone, your body feels full of energy, can't concentrate on one thing, it needs to move, it does not pay attention and might be careless. You are not ready to learn.

Red contains feeling like anger, fury, panic but also being elated, overjoyed. As a result of being in the Red Zone, your body might react like a volcano. You are not ready to earn.



Watch the Zones of Regulation Song to find out more! Click on the link below:



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