Remote Tutoring Initiative — Sanidas Academy

Howard Primary offers a remote learning platform for all our pupils to use in the event that they are unable to come into school due to COVID-19. If we are required to close a year group bubble or if individual pupils need to self-isolate due to COVID, learning will move to Google Classroom. We will provide a range of lessons which will include assignments and quizzes that your child will need to complete and "hand in" for teachers to review. Google Classroom is also being used to set homework for all pupils.

We have included some helpful information for you below, however if you require additional support, please contact class teachers by email or a member of Senior Leadership at

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Please click on the image to read our Parents' Guide to Google Classroom to get started. 


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General guide to using Google Classroom:

How to hand in work on Google Classroom:

What should I do if my child needs to self isolate?

You will need to log into google classroom using the log-in details already provided to you. Your child will be able to complete work that will already have been set for that week by their class teacher. Your child should only complete this work if they are well enough to do so.

What should I do if the year group bubble is asked to stay at home?

Day 1 of home learning:

While teachers begin to upload the full learning program for your child for that week, please follow this suggested timetable. This is only for the first day of home learning. 

Subject Suggested length of time Activity
Maths 30-60 minutes Times Tables Rockstars (years 3 &4)

Mathletics (all year groups)

English - writing 30-60 minutes Choose an activity from Pobble 365
English - Reading 30-60 minutes Read your school reading book or read an online story using the researchify link or Oxford Owls
Foundation subject (e.g. history, geography etc.) 30-60 minutes Choose from the list of foundation subject resources

Day 2 of home learning:

Work will be set on Google classroom  by 8:30am each day, much of which will be in line with what children are covering in school. Teachers will feedback on work that is submitted at the end of that school day.

Curriculum Subject Links: