At Howard Primary School, our Core Values of Care, Commitment, Courtesy, Co-operation and Consideration, are the ways in which we create the unity and cohesion across our whole school community. 

Our school community is united in our conviction that all forms of discrimination, including racism, have no place within our community and in society as a whole. We all have a responsibility to stand up and speak out when we see something we know is wrong.  Such ant-discriminatory practices and behaviours need to be firmly ingrained in our everyday lives. 

At Howard Primary School, we will always teach our pupils about equality and this remains an integral part of our curriculum. We ensure that we always celebrate diversity, promote equality, demonstrate respect and stand together to challenge all forms of discriminatory language and behaviour.

We understand that education is a powerful instrument in building an informed, accepting and peaceful society and use our curriculum to tackle issues of racism and inequality. We regularly review our curriculum and policies to ensure that, in all aspects of school life, we uphold, reflect and practice the values of inclusivity, diversity and equality.

To access our school's Equalities Policy, please click here.


Howard Primary School

Care, Commitment, Courtesy, Co-operation and Consideration