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Mrs Pollington

ParentGym is back at Howard Primary!

Nov 9, 2023

Dear Parents/Carers,

RE: Parent Gym is coming to Howard Primary from 17th Nov 2023: 12 places available

We know from talking with parents that many of you wonder what you can do to give your children the best start in life (and make your life as a parent a bit easier too).

This is why we’re delighted to offer Parent Gym, a well-established, six-week programme that shares and explores practical tips and strategies to make family life easier and help your children thrive. We listened to your feedback and we are now able to offer it online so more parents/carers can take part and meet other parents/carers, hear their stories and pick up new ideas. Everyone is welcome and it is completely free.


The sessions are themed as follows and will be led by our Parent Gym Coach, Miss Ancel:

Week 1:  Fri 17th Nov 10:10-12:10, ONLINE

CHAT: How to communicate. Get you and your child talking and listening in a positive way every day.

Week 2: Fri 24th Nov 10:10-12:10, ONLINE

LOVE: How to show you care, in the right ways Boosting your child’s confidence, with a balance between closeness and independence.

Week 3: Fri 1st Dec 10:10-12:10, ONLINE

BEHAVE: How to be consistent in setting boundaries. Bring calm to your family with rules and routines that really work.

Week 4: Fri 8th Dec 10:10-12:10, ONLINE

CARE: How to raise healthy children. Keep yourself and your family healthy and happy with good sleep, eating and exercise.

Week 5: Fri 15th Dec 10:10-12:10, ONLINE

DISCOVER:  How to encourage learning. Help develop healthy learning habits with your child, including managing screen time.

Week 6: Thu 21st Dec 10:10-12:10, ONLINE

TOGETHER: How to build a family support network. Keep your family feeling happy, supported and loved.


If you know this is for you, to book a place on the Parent Gym course, please email Mrs Pollington at: senco@howard.croydon.sch.uk


Yours sincerely,

Mrs Pollington and Miss Ancel

Wellbeing Team

Howard Primary


Oct 4, 2023

Do you need to talk to someone? Is your child experiencing some emotional difficulties? Are you worried about  a friend? Have you been affected by recent events?

OFF THE RECORD is a free service for young people.

Call us

Support Line 0800 980 7475

Monday to Saturday, 3 to 6pm

Croydon Service 020 8251 0251

Merton Service 020 3984 4004

Sutton Service 020 8680 8899

Off the Record Youth Counselling - JustGiving


Text-based Counselling

When things feel really overwhelming, you might feel very alone. You might feel desperate for help, but find that the idea of having to book appointments, get out of the house or that the idea of going and 'talking' to someone is impossible. That's where our online support services comes in; it gives you the opportunity to get things off your chest in your own time and on your own terms.

We provide free text-based counselling to young people aged 11-25 in Croydon, Sutton and Merton.


Online workshops

At our online workshops we share practical tips and info about issues you might be struggling with and there is also the opportunity to meet other young people and share ideas in a safe and confidential chat room and Zoom (there is no pressure to appear on camera).

Our webinars run on Thursdays at 5pm.

  • Managing Anxiety (sign up below)
  • Improving Your Sleep (sign up below)

Transition to KS3

Jul 14, 2023

On July 14th , our yr6 cohort met with Yasti who is a KS3 pupil and a former Howard Primary pupil.

Mrs Pollington introduced the yr6 cohort to a fantastic video which has lots of helpful tips about being moving up to year 7. The yr6 pupils then took part in a Question& Answer session with Yasti.

The presentation supported our yr6 cohort feeling more confident about the change. They had so many questions for Yasti!

If you missed the presentation, please have a look at this video which might help you feeling more at ease with the transition to yr7. 

Enjoy Summer!

Mrs Pollington & The Wellbeing Team