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Mrs Pollington

Care for Croydon Collective

Jan 16, 2021

Care For Croydon Collective

Care For Croydon Collective this initiative, for those of you who may be receiving this for the first time is a creative response from Croydon Drop in; which began in the midst of the First Coronavirus pandemic lockdown and  offers the opportunity to share and build on our collective experience; of what works in empowering our children, young people and families to have the best chance for the future .

Care For Croydon Collective is a you space; as we recognise individuals, working in key organisations, sharing good practice and discussing the issues as they are emerge to increase our awareness on a personal and professional level.

We are and have a rich and diverse amount of services delivering to the community; where its evidenced that they are struggling with what is now increasingly being defined as Adverse Childhood Experiences: poverty, separation and loss, abuse and trauma, domestic violence, exclusion from school addiction difficulties  and, adult mental health .

Care For Croydon Collective is an opportunity to be part of the Croydon`s commitment to being an attachment aware and trauma informed borough. We are learning, looking at and identifying areas of challenge: considering together how these can be most effectively addressed.  We know providing authentic relationships is the best possible way to enable constructive change to happen, at home and at school.

Care For Croydon Collective  is Leading by example in by forming strong relationships in our communities delivery of service.  Your attendance is much appreciated.

Topic: Working together to understand and support Autism/Neurodiversity   in the community.

Time:  Wednesday January 20th , 2021 12:30 PM London

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 895 3294 6101

Passcode: 219899

Find your local number:https://us02web.zoom.us/u/k1ExCkLty

Is Remote Learning giving you a headache?

Jan 14, 2021

Remote learning can be challenging on our bodies, especially if we have a special need such as dyslexia, visual stress, migraines, positional vertigo, learning difficulties. Technology can be adapted to work for us instead of against us. Have a look at the attached power point to discover how you can change the colour background of your screen to help you stop the letters from moving or increase concentration.

How to use technology in a Dyslexia friendly way.

Where can I access support for myself or my child during lockdown?

Jan 11, 2021

If you are concerned about your child’s mental health or you need to find out if a service is still running , please have a look at the leaflet attached.
CYP support during Covid19 2021