Week beginning 20th September

Dear Parents, Carers

We are very pleased to welcome the children to school on a full time basis.

From this week onwards the children will attend school from 8.50am and finish at 3.15pm. They will start their daily Phonics lessons this week and their first PE lesson will be on Friday. On Friday they will aslo meet their year 6 Reading buddy. If you have not yet sent in your child’s PE kit or the ‘All about me for my Reception teacher’ document, please do so before Friday.

For all matters pertaining to attendance, for example if your child requires leave for appointments or if they are unwell and cannot attend school, please contact the school office by calling 02086884216 or leaving a message on the answerphone. If you have questions about your child’s immediate needs, welfare or learning, please email the class teachers directly at reception@howard.croydon.sch.uk.

We will soon be scheduling a parent zoom session to provide you with further information about how the children are settling as well as other useful information about what and how the children will be learning. An email invitation will be sent closer to the time.

Wishing you a fantastic first full week of school.

Kind Regards,

The Reception Team


Please also refer to the Phonics guide in your Welcome pack.

This week the children will learn to read one new single letter sound each day as follows: /m/a/s/d/t.

They will also learn to recognise the letter which represents each sound and how to form(write) each letter. Each day they will bring home a handwriting practise sheet about the sound they have learnt at school. Please collect and keep these sheets at home for practise later on as they learn more sounds. Please note that they will learn to write these as lower case letters.

To help your child pronounce the sounds correctly, here’s a link for parents: Phonics – How to say the sounds

For more information to help your child learn to read, please check out these links:


 See below for an overview of what your child will be learning during the first half of the Autumn term:

A copy will be sent home with your child. Please check their bookbags on Monday.

Week beginning 13th September 2021

Dear Parents, Carers

It has been a fantastic first week with the children! It was, lovely to see them begin to settle in and become familiar with staff and their new setting. We would like to thank you for your patience, co-operation and understanding during our two-week staggered entry programme aimed at ensuring your child makes a smooth transition to school.

This week the children can look forward to having lunch at school and by Friday, both morning and afternoon groups will merge, signalling the end of  our staggered entry programme. Please take note of the times and arrangements for entry and collection during this week.  These can be found in the letters sent home on Friday and a summary is provided below. Please note that some sessions may be shorter to allow the morning and afternoon groups to have lunch at school on different days. We kindly ask that you please keep to your alloted sessions.

Further information about full time entry in week beginning 20th September will be provided by the end this week.

If you have any queries or concerns, please speak to your class teachers or email them at reception@howard.croydon.sch.uk. 

Kind regards

Miss Pillay


SECOND WEEK OF SCHOOL: Monday 13th September to Friday 17th September

Please keep to the morning OR afternoon session which has already been allocated to you




If you have older children at our school, please refer to the advice in the letter provided to you on Friday.