week beginning 15th July 2019

Dear Parents, Carers

We would like to invite you to join us at our Reception Sports Day on Tuesday 16th July. Please send your child dressed in their PE kit on Tuesday. They will not need their bookbags or uniforms on Tuesday. School lunch will be provided for the children at 12.00.

The school gate on Dering Road will open at 10.15am for parent entry. Reception Sports Day is organised and led by trained Year 6 pupils who will lead the children around a circuit of activities arranged around the Key Stage 1 and 2 playgrounds. So when you arrive, please ask a member of staff or Year 6 sports leader to locate the activity station where your child will be. Please follow your child’s colour group around the circuit of activities and help cheer them on. Reception Sports Day will end at approximately 11.45 and we will gather together to congratulate the children.

At Reception Sports Day all children are winners because they all take part. We encourage all parents to support this ethos as the children develop their understanding of good sportsmanship. You may say a quick goodbye and congratulations to your child before we lead them off to lunch at 12.00. We hope you enjoy the morning with us.

Thank you for returning reading books and yellow diaries. We will continue to check word lists until the end of the week. If your child has not completed all 24 lists, they will continue with these into Year 1.

You can expect to receive your child’s end of year school report by Wednesday, 17th July. You will also be informed about your child’s Year 1 class teacher via the school report. If you have any questions about your child’s report please attend our drop-in session on Thursday 18th July from 3.40pm – 5.40pm

Kind Regards
Miss Pillay
Chelsea Class: Thursday 18th July will be Mrs Crooks final day with the class so please join me in thanking her for all her wonderful work with Chelsea Class this year. Grosvenor Class: Miss Kowalczyk is currently on maternity leave and the class is being covered by Mrs Keer and Miss Dale. Miss Kowalczyk will be available for the parent drop-in session on Thursday and will also be in school on last day 23rd July to bid farewell to Grosvenor Class. Please join me in wishing her well during her leave and thanking her for all her work with Grosvenor Class this year.
Favourite sea creature sea
Draw a picture of your favourite sea creature and write a few facts about it WORD LISTS: last day for checking word lists will be Friday 19th July 2019. Word lists will continue to be checked in Year 1 for those who have not completed up to List 24. 
Tuesday, 16th July 2019: Reception Sports Day
Thursday, 18th July:   Parent drop-in session from 3.40 – 5.40pm
Reception children to meet their Year 1 class teacher
Tuesday 23rd July: Last day of school for children
Thursday 5th September 2019: Children return to school to start in Year 1 at 8.50am.

Week beginning 8th July 2019

Dear Parents, Carers

As we approach the end of term, there will be transition events for you and your children over the next few days to prepare for their transition to Year 1 in September. Please note that your child’s Year 1 class teachers  have not been assigned yet. However the children and you will have an opportunity to meet both current Year 1 teachers in due course to find out what to expect in Year 1. You will be contacted in due course about dates for these. 

Also, please note that with only two and a half weeks to go until the end of your child’s year in Reception, we will not be issuing any further reading books this week. Instead, reading books and yellow diaries will be collected on group reading days. Please also check if you have any other outstanding reading books at home.

We will continue to check word lists until the end of next week (last day Fri 19th July). If your child has not completed all 24 lists, they will continue with these into Year 1. Thank you for your overwhelming support with practising with your children to achieve their animal word certificates this year. It has been wonderful to see the positive impact it has had on their progress with reading.

Kind Regards,

Miss Pillay


SUMMER TERM 2 TOPIC: Summer’s Here

THEME: Under the sea


Book Focus: A selection of non-fiction books about sea creatures

This week the children will continue learning about the wide range of creatures that can be found under the sea.

Phonics: Whole class phonics sessions and assessments

PSED- Personal, Social, Emotional Development: We will be talking about changes and what to expect when the children are in Year 1. The children will have a tour of the Year 1 classes and an assembly with both current Year 1 teachers this week. 

HOMEWORK: Please accept our apologies for not sending out homework on Friday. Homework will be sent out on Monday and due back by Thursday. The final homework for Reception will be sent out on Friday 19th July.

READING BOOKS: Will be collected on group days. No new books will be issued

WORD LISTS: We will continue checking word lists on group days until the end of next week (last day for word lists: Friday 19th July)


Tuesday, 16th July 2019: Reception Sports Day Starts at 10.30am – 12.00pm.

Thursday, 18th July 2019: Optional parent drop in sessions. Please note that there are no fixed appointments. Your child’s end of year school report should provide a full description of their year with us. However, if you would like to discuss anything further, please attend the drop-in session.

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