Week beginning 23rd May 2022

SUMMER TERM 1 TOPIC: Amazing Animals


SPECIAL EVENT: Reception Jubilee Jamboree on Wednesday 25th May 2022. 

LITERACY: Building sentences orally using a programme known as Colourful Semantics, children will learn how to create Subject, Verb, Object sentences.

Focus Book: The Queen’s Jubilee by Frances Rose 


  • identify missing numbers in the counting sequence to 10
  • match different representations of number to towers (or number plates) on a number track
  • use language to describe positions on a number track. 
  •  use the language of ‘more than’ and ‘less than’ when describing positions on a number track.
  • describe and follow the rules for simple, linear track games

UW: To find out and talk about the significance of Queen Elizabeth II and her contribution to the history of the UK over the last 70 years

RHE: Relationships: To learn about how to help themselves and others when they feel upset and hurt

Week beginning 16th May 2022

SUMMER TERM 1 TOPIC: Amazing Animals


SPECIAL EVENT: Hispanic Day – Monday 16th May

LITERACY: Literacy this term will  focus on developing the children’s ability to:

  • blend to read with accuracy and fluency.
  • demonstrate understanding of what they have read by answering questions about the texts they read
  • use their phonic knowledge to spell and write words phonetically
  • to begin to spell some high frequency words correctly eg. the, my, he, she, we, said,
  • create and write their own ideas as sentences which can be read by themselves and others

Focus Book: Non- Fiction: The Life Cycle of a Butterfly


  • visualise and use spatial language to describe numbers of dots
  • represent the same quantities to 10 using 10-frames and double dice frames.
  • match 10-frames with finger patterns and numerals
  • use structured arrangements to show 10 and 9.
  • represent ways to make 10 using structured arrangements.
  • decide when to subitise and when to count quantities

UW: To find out and talk about different countries where the language of Spanish is spoken

Making observations of caterpillars as they go through metamorphosis

RHE: Relationships: To learn about showing respect in how they treat others

PE:  Indoor and Outdoor Team Games