Welcome to Chelsea Bridge Class.

We hope you have a wonderful year with us.

From Miss Pillay, Mrs Simion, Mrs Begum & Mrs Edgeler.

Week beginning 20th June 2022


SUMMER TERM 2 TOPIC: Growing and Changing


LITERACY:Focus Book:  The Growing Up Story  by Ruth Krauss

MATHS: This week we will be reviewing aspects related to comparison :

  • Comparing groups of objects that are of different sizes/colours/attributes
  • Developing a sense of magnitude e.g., knowing that 8 is a lot more than 2, but that 4 is only a little bit more than 2.

UW:  To discuss the different ways in which they have grown and talk about some of the things they could and couldn’t do at different stages of growth from birth to their current age.

RHE: Changing Me: To understand that all humans grow from babies to adults

PE:  Athletics: to explore a range of athletic activities eg, running at different speeds, jumping over an obect whilst running, throwing an object, aiming for the furthest distance. The children will also have opportunities to show ‘good sportsmanship’ qualities eg praising others for their performance.

Week beginning 13th June 2022

SUMMER TERM 2 TOPIC: Growing and Changing


LITERACY: Literacy this term will  focus on developing the children’s ability to:

  • read with fluency and accuracy
  • develop comprehension and understanding of what they have read
  • develop handwriting with a focus on the consistent size and shape of letters
  • develop stamina for writing at length about a topic of their choosing

Focus Book:  Oliver’s Vegetables by Alsion Bartlett and Vivienne French

MATHS: This week we will be reviewing the following aspects related to skills for counting :

  • subitise numbers to 5 and make equivalent amounts with their rekenreks
  • count out 6 or 8 objects from a larger group and check by counting 1-to-1
  • arrange 6 or 8 objects into groups that can be subitised.
  • recognise and show numbers from 5 to 10 in ‘5 and a bit’ arrangements
  • remember to stop when they count to the end of a set of up to 10 jumps/claps/hops.
  • count 20 objects and practise saying the tricky ‘teen’ numbers.
  • practise counting to 100 and share strategies for counting larger amounts that can’t be moved

UW: Healthy Eating and Dental Care: To find out about the different food groups and how they help our bodies and to talk about the importance of  oral health and dental hygiene.

RHE: Changing Me: To talk about the things I can do to be healthy

PE:  Athletics: to explore a range of athletic activities eg, running, jumping, hopping, skipping and to talk about what it means to be show ‘good sportsmanship’