Our Learning This Week:

Maths-We will be recognising, comparing and ordering angles to 180 degrees using the vocabulary acute, obtuse and right-angles. Children will continue to revise the properties and vocabulary associated with 2-d shapes. For example, perpendicular, parallel, quadrilateral,adjacent,diagonal,bisect,polygon.

There are many online games your child can play to consolidate this learning. We have used these websites in class:



English-We will be writing from the perspective of the robin from the video stimulus. see below.


Topic-We are starting our Geography unit-The Rainforest by finding out where in the world rainforests can be found and discovering more about a boy’s life in an  Ecuadorian rainforest

R.E-During P.P.A, with Miss Symes, children will be learning about bible stories. Children have been invited to share their personal bibles if they wish.

I.C.T-During P.P.A, with Mrs Forde, children will be learning about Logo.


P.E will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays-Children will need their full p.e kit including tracksuit bottoms or leggings for outside P.E.

Daily Reading at home is essential. Please sign your child’s book to show this is happening.

Homework will continue to be given out on a Friday to be completed for the following Friday. All children are expected to complete homework unless this is prearranged with their class teacher.

Happy New Year and many thanks for our thoughtful Christmas presents from the Year Four Team.