Next week, we will not only be visiting the cinema on Wednesday, but also be …


  • … continuing with our letters to Jeff’s friend in Washington D.C. (write – feedback – edit),
  • after which we will will first identify the features of a Film-Review.
  • Then we will improve a given mediocre Film-Review in order to lift it to Year 5+ standard.


  • I can identify Composite Numbers.
  • I can identify Prime Factors.
  • I can identify Common Factors.
  • I can use visualisations to multiply 4-digit by single digit numbers.


  • I can explain why we have day and night. 
  • I can share my knowledge about Space with others and explain key concepts.


  • We will continue planning/designing a web page.


  • We will continue securing our skills and knowledge when exchanging (asking for and giving) basic personal information like our name, age, feelings etc.


  • We will welcome visitors from Nuffield Health who will be working with us on keeping ourselves fit and healthy.


Homework from last week: