Welcome to Southwark Bridge Class


A warm welcome to Howard Primary School’s newest class-Southwark Class children, parents and carers.

Our Southwark team are:

Please click here for information on the Year 4 Statutory Times Tables Test

Class teacher-Miss Oasgood

Class teaching assistants - Mrs Glenn & Mrs Tooze


Please feel free to write us a note in your child’s homework diary, come and talk to us after school any day or phone the school to speak to us directly if there is anything you wish to discuss concerning your child.

Recommended reading books for Year 4:

Best Books for Year 4 | Y4 Reading List | BooksForTopics

Expertly selected books for 7 and 8 year old children (lovereading4kids.co.uk)

Expertly selected books for 9 and 10 year old children (lovereading4kids.co.uk)

Key Information:

  • A wide selection of quality books have been purchased for this class this year and your child is encouraged to take home a book every day. Each time you sign to show your child has read at home, they will receive a marble towards their team jar. The team with the most marbles at the end of the week will be crown team of the week!
  • Homework will be set on Friday and due in the following Friday unless stated otherwise on the homework (A longer time will be set for projects)
  • Spellings will be learnt at school and tested on Mondays. Please click on link: school-links-spellingjournalyear4southwark-1
  • In your child’s homework diary, they will have a green stamp at the end of each day to show they are following our school’s ‘Good to be Green’ behaviour policy. If they do not get a green stamp it is because they have not ended the day on a green card or have received a red card during the day. You will be notified by text if a red card consequence has occurred.

Week Beginning 17th January

January 14, 2022

This week our learning will be as follows;

  • In mathematics we will continue work on multiplication and division. We will look at patterns in the times tables, square numbers and divisibility.
  • In English we will  continue our work based on the Great Kapok Tree by Lynne Cherry. This will be linked with non-fiction information on the rainforests.
  • In geography we will look at biomes.
  • In relationship and health education (RHE) we will learn to understand that sometimes our hopes and dreams do not come true and that can hurt.
  • In science we will continue our work on electricity.

Southwark Class will do PE on Wednesday and Thursday. Millennium Class will swim on Tuesday and do PE on Wednesday. Millennium Class will not do PE on Friday this half term as swimming is one of our PE lessons.

Week beginning 10th January

January 7, 2022


It has been lovely to welcome everyone back to school. We have had a great week of learning. This week our learning will be as follows;

  • In mathematics we will continue our work on multiplying by seven. We will explore the relationship between adjacent multiples of seven, spot patterns in the seven times table and use the seven times table to solve problems.
  • In English we will continue our  work around The Great Kapok Tree by Lynne Cherry. We will explore language and look at non-fiction writing based on the rainforest theme.
  • In science we will begin a new unit of work on electricity. We will recap on our previous knowledge of electricity.
  • In relationship and health education (RHE) our unit for this half term is Dreams and Goals. This week we will focus on our dreams and goals for the future.
  • Our blocked foundation subject this week is computing. We will design an interactive toy and use Scratch to create an animated prototype.

Millennium Class will go swimming on Tuesday and do PE on Wednesday. Southwark Class will do PE on Wednesday and Thursday.