Welcome all Year 6 parents and pupils.

This is just a little bit of information about what's going on in Tower Bridge.  I am Miss Handley, the Year 6 class teacher and our TA is Mrs Jackson.

We also have a number of other adults who will work with your children over the coming year.  These include: Mrs Pearce,  Mrs Hughes, Mrs Grundey, Mrs Glenn and Mrs Forde.

Important information:

  • Monday-Comprehension homework
  • Tuesday-Swimming, writing journal homework
  • Wednesday 
  • Thursday-Mathletics homework
  • Friday-Fiction express

Year 6 learning – week beginning 6th July

July 5, 2020

Year 6 leavers

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Lesson 1 Vertically opposite angles 2020

Lesson 2 Angles in a triangle 2020

Lesson 3 Angles in a triangle – special cases 2020

Lesson 4 Angles in a triangle – missing angles 2020


Answers to last week’s maths:







Home - CBBC Newsround

Keeping up with the news – Check Newsround daily to find out what’s happening in the world!

Week 2 – We are continuing our news writing project with The Guardian (News Wise) this week.

NewsWise | The Guardian

Lesson 1 –  

Each team must now find the key facts and interesting details about their chosen happy news story. See our planning a news story lesson for tips and planning templates to help with research.

Click here for the lesson plan

Report plan


Lesson 2 – Identifying the key features and language used

Read the articles below and identify the structural and grammatical features for newspaper reports. Once finished, up level your plan with useful vocabulary you may use.


Lesson 3 + 4 – Write and edit your news report

Year 6 writing

Using the Year 6 expectations, and your planning sheet, write your newspaper article draft. Once complete, think about how you would like the final draft to be (what pictures you will need). Sketch the layout and then put your final piece together.



What impact are humans likely to have on life in the future?

News - The Future is Bright at Heartland | Heartland Institute

In today’s lesson, we will learn about some of the impacts that humans have on life on this planet. We will look at pollution, global warming, hunting and deforestation. We will learn what happened to the dodo bird and about some amazing organisations that are working hard to ensure that other species do not become extinct.

Click here to watch the lesson. 



Why does population change?

EHR Data Reveals Racial Disparities in Emergency Pain Treatment

In this lesson, we will examine how population has changed over time, how birth rates and death rates affect populaton, and how the population of the UK has changed.

Click here to watch the lesson.



Did you know that it was the NHS’ birthday on 5th July? To celebrate this occasion our History lessons this week will focus on the creation of the NHS and how it helped to rebuild Britain.

Join us on our 72nd birthday for the biggest NHS Thank You clap ...

This year has been the most challenging in NHS history, with staff displaying extraordinary dedication, skill and compassion to care for the 100,000 patients with COVID-19 who needed specialist hospital treatment and many others besides. During this testing time our nurses, doctors, physios, pharmacists and countless more colleagues were sustained by the support of the public, not least through the weekly applause for key workers. No health service, not even the NHS, could have coped alone with this coronavirus pandemic. From bus drivers and teachers to care staff and food retailers and, of course, the public who took action to stay at home to stop infection spreading, everyone played their part. The NHS’s birthday this year not only offers the opportunity for us to say thank you to the nation, but for us all to come together … to pause and recognise all the work which has taken place in the last months and say a heartfelt thank you.

Sir Simon Stevens, NHS Chief Executive

Rebuilding Britain Plan4

Rebuilding Britain Slide4

Rebuilding Britain Work4


Inspiring and Uplifting Background Music For Videos ...

We will continue to plan a piece of art work linked to the theme “inspiring” for entry into the Spirited Arts competition.

This week children should do an initial pencil sketch of their idea. They should annotate their work showing what colours and materials they will use in their final piece.


Please complete the activity sheets about the dangers of alcohol and the effects that it can have on the human body.

PSHE – Alcohol PowerPoint


Reading comprehension

Celebrating the NHS








Week beginning 29th June 2020

June 28, 2020


The Guardian - BIRNNewsWise | The Guardian



This week, we have teamed up with The Guardian and Newswise’s new project from promoting the teaching of news in schools. It is called The Happy News Project. It has a focus on wellbeing with uplifting stories, and developing teamwork, speaking and listening and news writing and reading skills.

How it works (from their website):

Organise your pupils into editorial news teams and set them the challenge of researching and reporting a happy news story to share with others.

Working in teams: organise pupils into teams so they have the opportunity to work together to research and produce their final report. Use the suggested roles below to give pupils additional responsibilities:

  • Desk Editor: acts as team leader and makes the final decisions, including which story to report.
  • Reporter: researches key witnesses for the story and/or conducts interviews.
  • Subeditor: proofreads the report, checking for grammar, spelling and punctuation errors – as well as checking the facts! Subeditors also write the headline.
  • Picture Editor: selects the most interesting and appropriate pictures to use in the report. They can also write the captions.

Create a real audience: decide who your audience is and how your pupils can share their happy news stories with them. Could it feature on the school website or newsletter? Could you create a printed version to share with families? Remember, it’s all about spreading happy news to others!


Day 1 – News and wellbeing:

Begin the project with a focus on wellbeing – see our PSHE
lesson on managing feelings to explore how news can affect emotions and different
strategies for managing wellbeing – of course, focusing on happy news is one of

Day 2 –  Roles in a newsroom:

Try out the different roles in a newsroom in our lesson on
how news is produced. Pupils can have a go at different roles from reporter to
subeditor, and practise the skills needed ahead of producing their own reports.

Day 3 –  Newsworthy or not:

Explore how journalists choose which news stories to report
in our newsworthy news lesson, preparing pupils for selecting their own news

Day 4 –  Find a story:

Allow time for pupils to research possible happy news stories to
report, remembering what makes a newsworthy story. Once teams have decided on
one, hold a news conference where they share their chosen story with the rest of the
newsroom, justifying how it will help to spread joy and why it is newsworthy for
their audience.




This week’s learning:

Video links

Lesson 1 – Solve two-step equations 2019

Lesson 2 – Find pairs of values (2) 2019

Lesson 3 – Convert metric measures 2019

Lesson 4 – Miles and kilometres 2019


Last week’s answers:

Lesson 1 Answers – Area and perimeter

Lesson 2 Answers – Area of a triangle (3)

Lesson 3 Answers – Area of a parallelogram

Lesson 4 Answers – Volume of a cuboid



What impact have humans had on plants and animals?

More than 1,000 species have been moved due to human impact ...

In this lesson, we will look at how humans have changed over time and use the theory of evolution to explain these changes. Learning how to make and use tools, shelter, fire and language has enabled humans to spread all over the world. We will start to look at the impact that humans have had on some species of plants and animals.


Watch lesson 5 here



First News - First News is an award-winning national UK newspaper for children, read at home or in school, with 2.2 million readers every week.


Read last week’s copy of First News. Once complete, tell us on Dojo what your favourite article was and why…

Click here for last week’s copy.



Where are all the people?

where-is-everyone-charlie-brown-cartoon - API Connect

In this lesson, we will be starting a new topic all about population! We will consider how many people there are on the planet, how this has changed, and where populations are distributed.

Click here to watch lesson 1. 



P.S.H.E. Curriculum

This week, we will be exploring the dangers of smoking. Have a look at the PowerPoint and complete the activities.

Dangers of smoking Powerpoint resources


Please follow Mrs Glenn’s lesson plan on ‘The Fauves’.

All about the Fauves – PowerPoint







The National Association of Teachers of RE are running their annual Spirited Arts Competition. Full details of the competition can be found at the link below.

Over the next three weeks children in year 6 will plan a piece of artwork around the theme “inspiring”.

The video clip below explains a little more about this theme. The video is long but you only need to watch the part from 12:04 to 21:12 to see examples of work connected with this theme.

Think about a person, place or quotation you would like to focus on.  It can be linked to a religion but it doesn’t need to be. The attached PowerPoint may give you some ideas.

Use the planning grid to plan out your artwork.


Inspiring PowerPoint

Planning Document