Welcome to Lambeth Bridge Class.

I am Mrs Ramakrishnan and I believe I have met most parents by now and look forward to meeting everyone else as time goes on. We also have Miss Dale who is our teaching assistant.

We hope you have a wonderful year with us and I look forward to working with you this academic year!

Thank you

Mrs Ramakrishnan

Monday 6th April, 2020

April 6, 2020

Good Morning everyone.Hope you are all safe and well and enjoyed the sunshine at the weekend in spite of being indoors.

Today is officially the beginning of our Easter holidays. However, with exceptional circumstances we will all work together and carry on as a team to overcome this challenge.

Let’s start this week with a different work out. This time we will do Real PE which is part of our school curriculum.

It’s called Jasmine. Here are the details. The website address is: home.jasmineactive.com Parent email: parent@howardprim-1.com Password: howardprim

If you fancy taking part in some physical activities at home have a look at ‘Real PE’.  The school uses these resources and now the company have offered parents an opportunity to try some of the activities at home during school closures.

It’s really simple:

Log into the above.

Then choose which activity you would like the children to take part in.  There are a variety of activities you can do throughout the day if you wish.If you log onto facebook and join their closed group-you can then post photos of you and the family taking part in these activities.  They have weekly competitions with winners announced on their facebook page.  There are all sorts of different prizes so have a go!

 Facebook: Join our real PE at home – tips & ideas 

Health and Well-being-

Click on the link below and you will be sent through to some amazing resources that will help create routines for children at home and different things children (supported by parents/carers) can do to keep happy and healthy-including looking after their emotional health.  All you have to do is click on the link and the activities will be there.   Have a look at the well-being wheel-5 different daily tasks to keep your mind and body healthy during this difficult time (Day 6).  This is updated daily so will be useful to keep looking back at the website whenever you can.

Supporting children’s mental health – Harold’s Daily Diary 
Harold the giraffe is posting daily ideas.  This is going down really well, particularly with younger children.

You can also continue with PE with Jo.

Our fun learning…


From Monday 23rd March there will be daily Phonics lessons provided by Ruth Miskin Training via this link: Daily Phonics lessons by Ruth Miskin Training.
Children working with Ms Dale & Mrs Hunjan please follow Set 1 and Set 2
Mrs Ramakrishnan &Mrs Jeevahan’s group please follow set 3.

For parents

Ms Dale & Mrs Hunjan’s group

Mrs Ramakrishnan & Mrs Jeevahan

You can also use




Please continue reading at home.

Here are two texts about Birds in your Garden to read and answer questions. The first one is easy and the second one is a little challenging. Please answer questions orally by referring to the text.

Birds in Your Garden 1

Birds in Your Garden 2

Other activities to do

Amazon is allowing free audible books… Keep reading…


Children in Mrs Hunjan, Ms Dale & Mrs Jeevahan’s group.


Children in Mrs Ramakrishnan’s group.


Try some radio blogging for interesting ideas…



This picture has a lot of related activities. Please take your time and complete within the whole week.



Our focus is on addition this week.

Adding numbers using numberlines.

Adding using 2 groups of objects

Adding – finding the missing number

Practise the above methods using numbers below 10 before doing the sheet.



We continue our learning about birds. Watch the link and create a poster about birds. You can also find more information in the reading comprehension activity.



Check this website and find out more. You can sketch any bird you want.

River Education Home Activities


Easter is approaching fast. We are looking at the significance of Easter to the Christians and how it is celebrated.

Check out these websites.




Let’s celebrate our Mathletics Champions

Gold Award

Lambeth Class : Stanley, Tome

Vauxhall Class


Lambeth Class: Carlotta. Harvey, Emily, Luke, Mustafa

Vauxhall Class: Logan, Kelsey,Ishmael, Zachary, Agyeiwaa, Rayyan, Yigit, Naomi, Afia

Bronze Award

Lambeth Class : Carter, Jennifer, Luke, Hasan, Yusuf x2, Brady, Olivier, Bonnie, Emily, Barin, Shauns, Aliyah, Kevin x 2, Aliyah, 

Vauxhall Class: Hamza, Oliver, Logan, Lorenzo, Aayush, Naomi, Afia,Ishmael. Fabeha, Yigit, Naomi. Afia

Well done everyone! Keep it up.

It’s World Autism Awareness Day!

April 2, 2020

Today is World Autism Awareness Day!

We all know someone who is on the Autistic Spectrum. What can we do to understand and support a friend, a colleague, a relative who has autism? The most helpful thing we can do is to understand what autism is and how it can affect people.

Watch the animation video to find out key aspects of Autism. What can you take from that?

Then watch the second video which contains lots of practical tips. What tips would you put into practice to support someone with autism in your class, family, place of work, neighbourhood?

Understanding is the first step to acceptance. As we say at Howard Primary School : we are all different, we are all equal!

If you have any questions, please get in touch : sdalziopolling.306@lgflmail.org

Many thanks

Mrs Pollington