Week beginning 9th October 2017

Please also make sure that you are reading with your child each night. We ask you to record: which book they have read, how many pages and if they had any difficulties. Many thanks for your support!


What are we learning this week?


I can add numbers with more than four digits.

I can subtract numbers with more than four digits using written methods.

I can subtract numbers with more than four digits using a choice of methods.

I can use rounding to estimate my answers.​



Unit: Non-chronological reports based on Black History Month


I can identify the key features of a non-chronological report.

I can plan and write a non-chronological report.

I can edit and up level my writing.

I can distinguish the difference between fact and opinion.


We shall be continuing to focus on the spelling rule: ‘i before e, except after c’ this week. We shall be exploring any exceptions to the rule as well.


I can work scientifically (plan, measure, record, report).


Tuesdays – Hockey

Thursdays – Circuits 


We shall be learning all about Diwali as we start our new Hinduism topic.


We shall be continuing our games design unit by creating our own game on Scratch.


Important information

Key information –

11th and 19th October 2017 – Parents’ evening

Ask your child about our Privilege Cards-once your child has received 5, they will earn a prize

Don’t forget to log on to the Class Dojo and see how your child is doing.