English – Writing

The children were introduced to Lotte’s Reiniger’s version of Hansel and Gretel and they are familiar with the story.  This week the children will be retelling the story of Hansel and Gretel in their own words. They will use their story mountain and their knowledge of the video to help them.

We will encourage the children to show us the characters’ journey through their use of language. We will be looking for:

  • use of adventurous adjectives to describe nouns
  • different sentence types – questions, commands, statements and exclamations
  • conjunctions in order to join sentences together
  • different sentence starters
  • correct use of capital letters and full stops.

Later on, in the week, the children will write an apology letter to the witch from Hansel or Gretel. We will first look at features of an apology letter before we write our own.


English- reading
We will continue with our whole class read: Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dahl. We will also be learning some new reading skills as a whole class using ERIC. The children will build their repertoire of different reading skills through the year.


We will continue with the addition and subtraction block.

  • to add a 1-digit to 2-digit number (bridging)
  • to add a 1-digit to 2-digit number (PV chart)
  • to subtract 1-digit from 2-digit number (number lines)
  •  to subtract 1-digit from 2-digit number (PV chart)
  • add 2 2-digit numbers not crossing 10’s (number lines)


Bridging through ten




Last week the children began to plan their letter to Amy Johnson. All of the children were fully immersed. This week children will use their plan to write a letter to Amy Johnson
We will be exploring the useful properties of a range of materials. We will be looking at different objects, thinking about what materials they are made from, and explain why they are suitable in each situation.

Our ICT slot is on Tuesday afternoon. This week we will continue to explore programming. We are the programmers of the future!


Ministrings will continue every Wednesday. This week we will play some instruments that belong in the string family. Children will take part in a Harvest Assembly.

Our PE slot is on Monday afternoon. We are currently focusing on balance and co-ordination.
Please ensure all children have their full PE kit in school (fully named).
We have introduced the children to a programme called Zones of Regulation which we are hoping will help regulate feelings and emotions and offer the children the correct way to talk about their feelings. This week  we will continue to  think of suitable ways to regulate their feelings and match emotions to different zones.