Tuesdsay 12th November 2019 – BFI Peter Rabbit at VUE Purley Way

English – Writing

On Monday the children will up level their sentences about Autumn. Up levelling is a process by which the children improve their sentences.
Children can up level their sentences by using adventurous adjectives, creating and tone and using similes. On Tuesday the children will create interesting sound effects using their knowledge of onomatopoeia.

On Thursday, the children will be creating powerful pictures with their words.  On Friday the children will plan an Autumn poem using their knowledge of Autumn.

English- reading
We will start a new book called The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me by Roald Dahl. We will also be learning some new reading skills as a whole class using ERIC. The children will build their repertoire of different reading skills through the year.
When reading with your child, please use VIPERS when asking them questions on the book they are reading.

Maths  We will continue with the addition and subtraction block.

  • I know my bonds to 100.
  • I can add 3 1-digit numbers
  • to count money in pence

Number bonds to 100
Children should use their knowledge  of number bonds to 10, to help them with their number bonds to 100.


  • I can add 3 1-digit numbers

  • to count money in pence
    We will introduce children to money and we will begin by counting in pence. They will recongnise it is not the amount of coins you have but the value of the coins. Children will be encouraged to count in 2s, 5s and 10s.
Children will explore tone and relate it to lines. They will learn about different tones can be used to create difference effects in artwork.
In science, children will learn more about John McAdam as a person who invented new material (John McAdam)
Our ICT slot is on Tuesday afternoon. This week we will continue to explore programming. We are the programmers of the future!
Ministrings will continue every Wednesday. This week we will play some instruments that belong in the string family.
Our PE slot is on Monday afternoon. We are currently focusing on balance and co-ordination.
Please ensure all children have their full PE kit in school (fully named).
We have introduced the children to a programme called Zones of Regulation which we are hoping will help regulate feelings and emotions and offer the children the correct way to talk about their feelings. This week  we will continue to  think of suitable ways to regulate their feelings and match emotions to different zones.
On Thursday 14th the children will have a special visitor – Grant Koper