Week beginning 10th June 2019

Maths – This week in maths, we shall be learning the following:

*   I can estimate and approximate area (Continue & finish).

*   I can identify different 2D shapes and describe their properties (Recap Y4).

*   I can measure angles in degrees using a protractor (multiples of 10).

*   I can precisely measure angles using a protractor.

*   I can accurately draw lines and angles using geometrical tools.

*   I can calculate angles on a straight line.

English/History – We shall be continuing our diary writing unit. This week we shall be taking a cross-curricular approach (History) with our writing. We shall be comparing eduction in the Victorian times to modern times. We shall then be building a character profile of a victorian child and then write a diary entry.

PE – Swimming continues this week and on Thursdays we shall be taking part in developing our Tennis skills.

French – We shall be continuing to look at the unit of clothes!

Music – Soundstart lessons will continue this week.

Reading – We shall be continuing with our class text, Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll this week. We shall be basing our comprehension sessions around our class text.

Geography – We shall be starting our new topic, Rivers!

Art – We shall be looking at our new unit, landscape artists.


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