Summer 2 – Week 5 – 4th July 2022

Summer 2 – Week 54th July 2022

Welcome to …

As usual, here are the objectives for the week ahead.

PE days remain Tuesday and Thursday.

This week Thursday, we will be organising the Reception Sports-Day.

  • I can reason with angles (angles along straight line, angles on intersecting lines, angles within triangles and quadrilaterals, …).
  • I can securely apply my place-value-knowledge (saying, writing, x-more or less, I am thinking of a number …, problem-solving)
  • I can secure my mental addition and subtraction strategies.
  • I can secure my written addition and subtraction strategies.


  • I can engage in book talk.
  • I can further develop my comprehension skills (Listen to / watch AG at inauguration performing The Hill we Climb. Hear, think, wonder) Discuss.
  • I can use my knowledge of Amanda Gorman to create a biography.
  • I can plan a newspaper article.
  • I can write a newspaper article.


  • I can further expand and apply my Spanish vocabulary related to home.


  • To describe and explain the life-cycle of an insect (continued).


Spirited Arts
  • I can explore the idea/concept of Spirited Art (combination of Art and Religion).
  • I can plan and create a piece of Art work for Spirited Arts Week.
  • I can explore and practise poems and sound-scape.
  • I can perform poems in sound-scape.


Design & Technology
  • Due to timings, this will be covered at various points over the next 3 weeks.
    • I can continue to cut the pieces required for my design.
    • I can assemble my product (tree-house).
    • I can evaluate my work and add alterations to the initial design/plan.


Enjoy your Sunday evening.

Your Year 5 Team.