Summer 2 Week 1 – 7th June 2021

Welcome to …

… a new half-term, …

… Howard’s Sports Week, …

… and our Year Group’s Science Week


I can multiply fractions.

I can multiply mixed numbers (mixed-number-fractions).

I can find/calculate fractions of an amount.

I can secure my mental arithmetic skills (Times-tables etc.).


I can explore new vocabulary.

I can engage in book talk.

I can develop reading comprehension skills (multiple-choice-type questions).

I can show an understanding of a text through visualisation.


I can apply a range of Spanish vocabulary when talking about my home – recap and securing. (prepare moving on to the topic “Food” and “En el cafe”).


I can create an algorithm in Scratch that draws a repeated pattern or tessellation. Practical Part. → Home-Learning due to Inset and PE-Week.


I can explore properties of materials.

I can investigate the insulation value of different materials.

I can investigate the dissolving of materials.

Have a wonderful, extra long weekend.

Miss Winser, Mrs Verma, Mrs Brown and Mr Grundey