Dear Parents! Welcome. This is the last week of our Spring 1 Term.

Our Mathletics Champions this week…
Super Mathlete

Lambeth Class: Yusuf 10,120 points                     Vauxhall Class: 7040 points
Silver Award
Lambeth Class : Mia, Tome, Sakhile, Aliyah
Vauxhall Class : Aayush 
Bronze Award
Lambeth Class: Brady, Hasan, Olivier, Bonnie, Emily, Shauna, Luke
Vauxhall Class: Aayush, Ishmael, Hamza, Millie, Yigit, Logan, Harrison

Our Learning this week…
Your children were authors last week. This week they will read and edit their own creative stories based on the Man on the Moon. Then We will be writing two non-chronological reports about space and winter season.

We will be learning about money and learn about the different coins and notes as well as make different amounts using different coins.

For e.g – 3p = 1p + 1p+1p
2p + 1p
Please can you play shopping games with your children?

Then our new topic is Multiplication- groups of:

In Science we will continue learning about the winter season – weather, what clothes we wear, plants and animals ( what happens to them), length of the day as well as explore Space focusing on the Earth and the Moon.
Children will also be continuing their learning about omnivores, carnivores and herbivores.

Children will be learning about – ‘Dynamic Balance to Agility’- jumping and landing.
We continue our learning about Christianity: We will be discussing lifestyles and celebration: Where do Christians go to worship?
We continue our learning about e -safety . Check out all the episodes on Think you know – Hector’s world
Our new topic is ‘We are collectors’. where we find images about space using the web to help with our learning. Children will then copy and paste images into a word document.
Please support your child to use the mouse and keyboard as they need to develop this important skill.

Children will be exploring how to make a moving Alien/spaceship. First, they will be learning how to attach two objects together. Then, they make a plan and construct a model. Finally, they will be evaluating their model. In the end, they will be discussing what they might change.

Children are learning about staying safe and this week we are focusing on crossing the road safely.

We revisit the Zones of Regulation. Your children are amazing at calming down using a range of breathing techniques. Please ask your child to demonstrate the hand breathing, lazy eight breathing, hexagonal breathing etc..
Children learn to use voices expressively and creatively. They will also develop an understanding of rhythm and tempo.
Please continue to practice sound recognition with your child. Encourage them to apply their phonic knowledge every time you read or write with them.
Please support your child to complete their homework  – doubles.


Upcoming School Events

17th, February 2020- Spring Half Term holiday.- Enjoy the break!

24th, February 2020 – Back to School from half term break. – Welcome back to school!

26th February 2020 – Vauxhall Class visit Croydon Library.

5th March 2020 – World Book Day.

11th March 2020 – Lambeth Class visit Croydon Library

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