Year Four Weekly Blog Week Beginning 17th June 2019

Thank you for all your support for the Friends of Howard bringing bottles in for upcoming Summer Fair.  

This week year four will be learning:

Literacy-This week we will be learning about using speech punctuation in our writing.

Maths-We will be learning to identify symmetry in shapes in different orientations. The children have particular enjoyed using this game in lessons to classify shapes.

Zoe from Southwark class also found this game which she would like to recommend her classmates to try.

Topic-After learning about why and how  pyramids were built by Ancient Egyptians we will be going on to learning about mummification. There are lots good BBC clips to help your child’s learning about the Ancient Egypt which ca be found on this link.

P.E-We will be continuing net and wall sports, focusing on volleyball

I.C.T-We will be using scratch to design toy prototypes

Science-We will be starting a unit on electricity focusing on complete circuits.


Dates for the diary

Summer fair Saturday 22nd June 11-3

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