Please can you collect any clean tin cans and foil to use for English next term. We will be making settings in a box in groups so please keep aside any shoe box sized boxes.

Our Learning this week:

Maths-Recognising and using non unit fractions in different representations.

Revision of previous learning on Topmarks (free games) and Matheletics will be useful as a basis.

English-We will be continuing our focus book focusing on contrasting settings.

Topic-We will be continuing our rainforest topic- looking at plants and medicines.

Science-We will be looking at food chains.

Parent’s Evening Dates are:

Millennium-Thursday 12th 4.30pm until 7.30pm and Tuesday 17th March 4.30pm until 7.30pm

Southwark-Thursday until 4-5pm, Tuesday 17th until 4.30pm-8pm and Thursday 19th 4pm until 5pm.

Letters will go home after half term.