Thank you for all parents who helped their child dress up for an amazing day of History. See the extra blog named Viking Visitor to photos of your children enjoying their learning.

We will be learning:

Maths-We will be subtracting using formal (abstract) methods as we as using concrete and pictorial representations to understand column subtraction.

English-We will be writing our innovated version of the Robin Hood Golden Arrow story.

History-We will be taking a short break from our topic of Anglo-Saxons and Vikings to learn about and celebrate Remembrance Day.

R.E-We will be continuing our unit on discrimination. This topic is also covered in guided reading. Children have a project based homework to complete in their choice of ways.

Year Four-Black History Month Research Homework (to be completed over two week-due in 22nd November)

As you may know, people across the country celebrate Black History Month. For your homework over the following two weeks, we would like you to choose a famous person who has contributed to equality and anti-discrimination and research their life. You can choose how you present this information but should prepare to present what you have found out to your class mates.

Some examples for you to choose from could be:  Nelson Mandela, Mary Seacole, Barack Obama, Muhammad Ali or a local personality like Stormzy.

P.E-P.E continues to be on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. One session a week will be outside weather permitting. Children will be asked to join in as this is a curriculum subject however, if they have an injury please write a note to the class teacher and your child will be asked to participate in different ways such as coaching, referring etc. Please provide your child with P.E kit as set out in the school uniform policy.