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It has been a little quiet on Class Dojo recently. We would love you for you to check in with us and let us know how you are all doing. We miss you all! Miss Blackford and Miss Handley 🙂

Maths –

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Have a look at the WhiteRose lessons-Week 3-
I know that we are not completing the correct date but this is a good recap of work that we would be covering at this time of year anyway.
Day 1-Simplify fractions
Day 2- Compare and Order fractions
Day 3-Add and Subtract fractions
Day 4-Mixed addition and subtraction
Day 5- Friday Challenge
Here are the video links for each day too.
Don’t forget that there will be Mathletics tasks to do as well for the week!  Well done to all of you who are completing those when you can too.  They will continue to help build your fluency and reasoning skills as well.

Science –

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Have a look at the Curious Creature presentation (where it says ‘discuss with a partner’, just have a think on your own or talk to an adult about it).
Then have a go at matching the animal picture with its classification description.
Once you have done that-it’s time to get creative.  Create your own creature-start by thinking about its classification and think what features it will need to have. Complete the Curious Creature sheet.  the more creative you can be, the better.  Have fun!

English writing

Day 1 – Write a diary entry as Wallace at the beginning of the sketch.

Day 2 – What are the key features of the ‘Snoozatron’? Why have they been specifically chosen?

Day 3 – Create an advert for the ‘Snoozatron’.

Day 4 – Write a diary entry as Gromit after the eventful night.

Day 5 – What key features could you add to the ‘Snoozatron’? Explain why they would be useful. (E.g. Hot chocolate and marshmallows, lavender spray, white noise…)

Challenge – Create your own cracking contraption for helping to get a good nights sleep. (This could be in the form of an explanation text or a detailed, labelled diagram).


English reading

Fiction Express (@fictionexpress) | Twitter

Over the past few weeks, Fiction Express have been releasing new chapters of their exciting texts. If you haven’t already done so, please read the chapters of the latest books and complete the quizzes. This means that we can see your understanding and comprehension of each chapter. It is important that we are continuing to read regularly for at least 20-30mins a day.

If you need your Fiction Express login details, please message us on Class Dojo.



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Task – Write a letter to your teacher(s) detailing how you have been feeling throughout lockdown. You may want to include:

  • Any new skills or hobbies that you have learnt
  • Any successes or challenges that you have faced
  • Have you celebrated your birthday or a member of your family’s birthday?
  • What are you most looking forward to when the restrictions are lifted?

Please send the letters to us on Class Dojo!

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Social history challenge – Social history task – interview


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If you fancy taking part in some physical activities at home have a look at ‘Real PE’.  The school uses these resources and now the company have offered parents an opportunity to try some of the activities at home during school closures.

It’s really simple:

Log into:

The website address is: 
Parent email:
Password: howardprim

Then choose which activity you would like the children to take part in.  There are a variety of activities you can do throughout the day if you wish.

If you log onto facebook and join their closed group-you can then post photos of you and the family taking part in these activities.  They have weekly competitions with winners announced on their facebook page.  There are all sorts of different prizes so have a go!

Facebook: Join our real PE at home – tips & ideas ​



Geography Curriculum

Answers Geography challenge 1

Geography Map Challenge 2 – Countries and capitals



Art project 4 – recreate a painting