Welcome to Year 5

Autumn 1 – Week 15th September 2022

Welcome to our first week in Year Five.

Here are the objectives for the week ahead.

Our PE days this year will be Tuesday and Thursday.

  • To explore and secure times-tables (4 & 8).
  • I can identify the place-value of numbers up to 10,000 (incl. counting in intervals).
  • I can apply the rounding rules to round to the nearest 10/100/1000.
  • I can identify and use Roman Numerals to 1000.


English (incl. Reading)
  • To explore sentence types (subordinate clauses).
  • To expand and secure new vocabulary (linked to the class-read).
  • To engage in book talk.
  • To further develop prosody.
  • To pause appropriately when reading aloud.
  • To identify the key features of a character description.
  • To write a character description.


  • To reactivate prior vocabulary from Year 4.

  • I can identify the planets and their order in the Solar System.


  • To secure the PANTS rules.
  • To explore and commit to various class responsibilities.
  • To develop a Class-Charter.


Enjoy your Sunday evening.

Your Year 5 Team.