We are happy to be back at school and all the children have settled back in and are ready to learn and have fun. This is an exciting term where we are learning about Space, Moon and Neil Armstrong.
Your children are super learners. Please support us by enabling your child to be confident, independent learners by leaving them at the door in the morning to get on with organising themselves with their book bag and coats and promptly starting their Early morning work which consolidates their new learning.
Our context for learning is ‘Now you see me, Now you don’t’.
Our Mathletics Champions from Week beginning 16th December 2019 to 5th January 2020.

Super Mathlete

Lambeth Class : Yusuf (6051 Points), Aliyah ( 2640 Points)

Vauxhall Class : Yigit Emre (2340 Points), Ishmael ( 3290 Points)

Silver Award

Lambeth Class : Aliyah, Yusuf

Vauxhall Class : Fabeha

Bronze Award

Lambeth Class : Tome x 2, Aliyah x 2, Brady x 3, Bonnie, Emily, Barin, Shauna, Carlotta, Stanley, Hasan x 2, Yusuf x 2, Kevin

Vauxhall Class :Ishmael, Yigit x 2, Hamza, Elena, Fabeha, Rayyan x 2, Logan

Our Learning this week…


We have enjoyed watching Baboon on the Moon.

Children will be introduced to the features of a comic strip. They will then make their own comic strip based on the Baboon on the moon.

Please share any comic books you have at home with your child.


We continue our learning about time – days of the week,  months of the year, Seasons, using a clock – o’clock, half past . Please practise with your child yesterday was, today is, tomorrow will be.


Half past

We will also be learning about weight – What is heavy/ light, heavier than / lighter than /

heaviest / lightest.


In Science we will continue learning about  the winter season  – weather, what clothes we wear, plants and animals ( what happens to them), length of the day as well as  explore Space focusing on the  Earth and the Moon.


Children will be learning about – ‘Dynamic Balance to Agility’- jumping and landing.


We continue our learning about Christianity: We will be discussing about lifestyles and celebration: Where do Christians go to worship?


We continue our learning about e-safety. Check out the Hector’s World website.


Our new topic is  ‘We are collectors’.  where we find images using the web to help with our learning.


We revisit the Zones of Regulation. Your children are amazing at calming down using a range of breathing techniques. Please ask your child to demonstrate the hand breathing, lazy eight breathing, hexagonal breathingg etc..


Children learn to use voices expressively and creatively. They will also develop an understanding of rhythm and tempo.


Please continue to practice sound recognition with your child. Encourage them to apply their phonic knowledge every time you read or write with them.


Please support your child to complete their homework – a Space poster.


Please continue supporting your child to form numbers correctly as well as letters – the correct size and shape. – orientation.