Welcome to Year 1 ! All your children have settled in and are happy in school. We look forward to an exciting Half –Term. Our Topic for this Half – Term is ‘Amazing Me’ and it is a science focus where children will be learning about their bodies, senses and how to stay healthy.

Have a look at these fun websites to learn a few songs about your body.

Our learning this week…



Our focus book is Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We will be reading it and retelling the story in the correct sequence.


We will begin our learning with numbers and place value. Children will sort objects according to different criteria and count objects.


Please continue to practise sound recognition with your child. Encourage them to apply their phonic knowledge every time you read or write with them.


We will be learning to form the numbers correctly and begin to learn the cursive script starting with letter c.



We will be learning about the 5 C’s – care, commitment, courtesy, co-operation and consideration and also begin to develop an understanding of being a Rights for Respecting School.

DATES for the Diary ! Welcome to Year 1 Parent’s Meeting – Tuesday 24th September at 9:00 am in the Dining Hall . This meeting will enable you to understand the routines, curriculum and expectations in Year 1.