Dear Parents, carers 

Thank you for attending our parent evenings. If you missed your scheduled appointment please try and arrange another appointment as soon as you can.

Please note that school starts at 8.50 everyday and the children now engage in early morning work as soon as they arrive at school in the morning. If they arrive late, they miss out on vital  opprotunities to practise their learning, so please do your best to ensure they are in class by 8.50am everyday.

Kind Regards,

Reception Team




AUTUMN 2 TOPIC: Light and DarkThis week’s learning


Book Focus: Whatever Next by Jill Murphy  as well as a selection of non-fiction books about Space

The children will explore non-fiction books about Space, learning about the key features of a non-fiction book such as the title, heading, contents page, index page.

Phonics: /o/, /c/, /k/ /e/ /u/

Please keep sound sheet at home and continue to practise saying and writing these sounds every day. As your child continues to learn more letter sounds they may forget the earlier sounds taught so it is important to practise daily recognition and writing (using each of the sound cues eg /a/ – round the apple , down the leaf)

MATHS: To develop understanding of 1-3. The children will be introduced to Number blocks, a popular programme available on the BBC Cbeebies. Learning in Maths will be based around the characters representing the numbers in this popular educational series.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World: The children will learn about the different planets in our solar system.

Communication and Language: To listen and respond to ideas expressed by others in conversation or discussion.



HOMEWORK Remembrance Day

Who would you like to thank on Remembrance Day? Find or draw a picture about some of the different people who help us in our communities. Ask your adult to help you write a sentence about how they help us (eg. police/firefighters/nurses/doctors/paramedics, etc)


Please read with your child and write a comment in the yellow reading diary. Please keep both reading books and yellow diary in your child’s bookbag after each reading.

Please note that if reading books have been lost, these will need to be replaced