A late message from here. First, please find the homework under the following link: Sp2-Wk2-06032020

Remember that PE days are Monday and Tuesday (swimming).

Parents Evenings are scheduled for the 12th and 17th March,


  • Identify decimals as thousandths.
  • Round decimals.
  • Order and compare decimals.
  • Understand percentages and link them with decimals and fractions – part I.
  • First, we need to complete our character profile for the key characters in Pandora’s box.
  • Then, we will be identifying features of a Newspaper Report, evaluate Newspaper Reports and finally up-level an existing, but mediocre Newspaper Report.
  • We will reactivate our knowledge of Life-Cycles (particularly mammals) when going on a hunt for signs of life-cycles in the school grounds.
  • Art: We will continue exploring and developing Greek patterns and link them to pottery, before planning our paste resist design.
  • Spanish: I can name fruits in Spanish.
  • History: I can describe key aspects of life in Ancient Greece – Greek God’s and their relevance for everyday life (Mt. Olympus has got talent).
  • ICT: I can apply my knowledge of programming to create a simple Scratch programme.