‘Cross Country’ – We would like to say a big thank you,  for all the parents who helped us on Thursday 3rd October 2019.
Dates for the Diary
Parents Evening- Tuesday 8th October/Thursday 10th October 2019 – Check your child’s book bag for your reply letters.

Mathletics Champions this week:

Super Mathlete:

Vauxhall Bridge Class: Alesha – 5119 points

Lambeth Bridge Class: Yusuf – 2040 points

Silver Awards:

Vauxhall Bridge Class: Naomi

Lambeth Bridge Class: Brady

Bronze Awards:

Vauxhall Bridge Class: Oliver, Adem, Alesha, Freddie, Mah’ree

Lambeth Bridge Class: Teodora, Havey, Stanley, Bonnie, Emily, Hasan, Shaura Anaya, Aliyah, Luke, Mia, Jennifer, Barin.

Our learning this week…


We will read the new text call ‘ Lila and the secret rain’ by David Conway & Jude Daly. The children will be looking at the picture of the setting to predict the story. On Wednesday, they will discuss and write about Lila’s feelings, thoughts and journey. On Thursday and Friday, they will be learning how to make a story planner.


Children will count objects and begin to understand 1 more than / 1 less than a given number

Your child will also be comparing numbers using mathematical vocabulary – more, greater than /fewer, less, lesser than as well as begin how to understand how to use the symbols > and < correctly.


We continue our learning about the body focusing on the five senses,



Please continue to practice sound recognition with your child. Encourage them to apply their phonic knowledge every time you read or write with them.


We will be learning to form the numbers correctly and begin to learn the cursive script starting with letter o.


We will be learning about the 5 C’s – care, commitment, courtesy, co-operation and consideration and also begin to develop an understanding of being a Rights Respecting School.


In Art, we are learning about Line and tone and children will look at their face using a mirror and explore how to draw a self-portrait.


This term we will be discussing about traveling. Children showcase different ways of traveling. Children will also develop core body strength by balancing.

PE Sessions : Lambeth Class : Monday and Wednesday.Vauxhall Class : Tuesday and Friday


During ICT sessions, we will be learning to log on and use a program as well as understand the main rules of e-safety.

Home work:

Please make a small poster about our local area- Croydon.

Please hand it in by Wednesday 9nd October 2019

Please continue …

*Mathletics-your child’s user name and the password are attached in your child’s yellow Reading Record book.

*Reading daily to develop fluency and comprehension skills.

*Play phonics games on Phonics Play / Starfall Phonics

https://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/freeIndex.htm http://more.starfall.com/?t=253552593&y=1

Reading: https://www.starfall.com/h/im-reading/