Week beginning 20th November 2017

Thank you so much to all our parent helpers on the trips this week! Your help has been very much appreciated!
Next week, we will be learning the following:


I can recognise and use square numbers (incl. Notation).

I can recognise and use cube numbers (incl. Notation).

I can use the inverse to check my multiplications.

I can multiply by 10, 100 and 1000.


L.O. I can retell a story accurately, using time adverbials.

L.O. I can use descriptive vocabulary to describe settings and characters.

L.O. I can plan a film review.

L.O. I can write and edit a film review.

RE/Art: I can explore the (Christian) value of giving when designing and planning an advents calendar for another student in my class.

PE: We will have the chance to develop our Benchball skills as well as gymnastics on Thursdays.

ICT: We shall be continuing to explore a very common problem, Video game addiction.

Music: The children will secure and extend their Guitar and Piano skills during Soundstart (A-Minor, G-Major …).

PSHE: We shall be looking at cyber bullying: the signs and resolutions to help those affected.


Key dates

Tuesday 21st November – Science Opens Doors parent/pupil workshop in the hall.

Monday 18th December – Carol Concert – St Andrews Church – Years 3/4/5