We have survived the first full week and are looking forward to our trip to Greenwich this Friday.
A selection of pictures will follow over the weekend and all children will be writing their diary entries about the trip over the weekend.
We are looking forward to some great writing which we would like to share later with the whole school.

This week’s homework which was handed out on Thursday, 12th September 2019 can be found below together with the Space writing template.




Next week’s learning objectives are:

I can compare numbers with up to 6-digits.
I can count up and down in different steps.
I can round within 100,000.
I can round within 1,000,000.
I can use Roman Numerals.


I can use a range of devices to write a school report about a (fictional) character from a book
I can use (peer-) feedback to edit and improve my writing.
I can innovate or invent a new character for a narrative.
I can empathise with a fictional character through roleplay.
I can name and identify all types of words – focus Nouns (SpaG).


Reading: I can use my experience of and opinion about a text to write a book review.
Guided Reading: We will fully (re-)start with our learning carousels.
Science: I can  can compare numbers with up to 6-digits.
Art: I can describe and compare the Art of Sonia Delaunay and Ben Nicholson.
ICT: I can explain why it is important to stay safe online.

Hurray, it is the beginning of Sound Progress (formerly “Sound Start”).