Week beginning 13th May 2019

London Bridge news – 

Due to SATs week, we shall be relocating to the music room for our morning lessons. Children may still place their coats and school bags in our normal cloakroom but be in the music room, promptly, for the register to be taken at 9am.

What are we learning this week?

Maths – This week in maths, we shall be learning the following:

two way tables, timetables and perimeter of shapes.

English – We shall be finishing off our biography unit by choosing an ‘inspirational woman’ to focus on. In our SPAG sessions we shall be looking at the spelling rule of words ending in -cious and -tious. As with our previous learning through this unit, Cannon Street Class will be taught by Miss Blackford and London Bridge Class will be taught by Mr Grundey.

Computing – We shall be finishing up typing and designing our travel brochures.

PE -There is no swimming this week..

RE –We shall starting our new unit with Mrs Forde, Judaism.

French – We shall be continuing to look at the unit of clothes!

Science – Continuing with forces, we shall be looking at gravity and Isaac Newton.

There will be no Soundstart sessions this week. 

Reading – We have started our new class text, Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll this week.

Key dates.

End of half term – 24th May

There will be no swimming on the 14th May. 

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