Week beginning 13th May 2019

Dear Parents, Carers

The children really enjoyed watching the ducklings hatch and grow over the last two weeks. Sadly, we had to say goodbye to them on Friday as they had to return to the farm in Norfolk. This week we continue with our  Caring for Animals topic focusing  on Minibeasts for the next two weeks. This week we explore the world of spiders. If anyone has any pet spiders at home, please let us know.

Please don’t forget to fill out a WOW card to share  important moments you have with your child at home. We would love to add more cards to our WOW wall.

Also, please remember to check the weather each day and dress your child appropriately for each day.

Kind Regards

Reception Team


SUMMER TERM 1 TOPIC: Caring for Animals


Book Focus: The Very Busy Spider

PHONICS: We will continue with group phonics, reviewing previous sounds and focusing on speedy blending of CVC words and multisyllabic words.

MATHS: This week we focus on revising skills for counting on from a given number to support addition. We will also practice subtraction and number formation

UW: We will discuss spider facts


Doubling Challenge 

  • If you double the spots on each ladybird, how many spots will each ladybird have?
  • Can you write a number sentence for each ladybird?


Please note that word lists are only  checked once a week on group days so please send in books, reading diaries and word lists on group days


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