Book Focus: The Naughty Bus by Jan and Jerry Oke

The children really enjoyed reading about the mischievous adventures of the naughty bus. This week they will develop their ideas through role play and discuss alternate adventures for the naughty bus. Where else could the naughty bus go?

We are also beginning to focus on developing the children’s ability to break the flow of speech into words and write these as short phrases or sentences by encouraging children to listen for the initial and dominant sounds in words as they spell and write.

GROUP PHONICS: Group Phonics will continue this week with each group focusing on reviewing the sounds learnt and decoding new words as well learning how to spell and write these words.

KEY WORD LISTS: The children have all received their animal word lists. These are the key words that occur most frequently in books your child will read in Reception and beyond. The word lists are designed to encourage your child to learn to read these words in a fun and engaging way so they can instantly recognise them in the books they read.

Please check bookbags for animal word list folders which contain a useful information sheet for parents. Please only send in lists on group reading days.

Please note that there isn’t any rush for your child to race through the lists. It is more important that they have secure recognition of these words before moving onto the next list.

MATHS: This term we focus on securing number skills within 0-10.

This week we will focus on:

• Recognising and forming numerals 6-10

• Counting up to 10 objects with accuracy

TOPIC: We will discuss different forms of transport such as land, air and water transport