Week beginning 10th June 2019


SUMMER TERM 2 TOPIC: Summer’s Here

Theme: Growing and changing


Book Focus: A selection of Non-fiction books about growing and changing

This week we will have caterpillars in class and the children will be learning about the life cycle of this amazing minibeast. We will focus on aspects of growing and changing. The children will compare and contrast their baby pictures to their current photos and discuss how they have changed and grown. So please send in their baby pictures this week. Thanks to those parents who have sent these in.

Group Phonics: This term we will focus on reading words and sentences containing all the phonemes the children have learnt throughout the year and we will be teaching strategies for instant blending of words and strategies for reading longer multisyllabic words.

MATHS: Halving and doubling

PE: Athletics


Four seasons

• Draw and label a picture about each of the four seasons.

• Can you write which months occur in each of the seasons?

READING BOOKS and WORD LISTS: Will be checked on group days



Summer 2 events at school



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