Week beginning 10th June 2019.

Welcome to Summer Term 2 -Week 2.
We have been looking forward for this week and it has come. We hope and pray that our children do well in their Phonics Screening Check. Keep on practising and stay calm.

Important Dates:

  • Phonics Screening Check 10th June, 2019.

  • Summer  Fair on the 22nd June, 2019.

  • Toy workshop by Renee Jenkins on 25th June,2019.

  • KS l Sports Day on 10th July, 2019.

Congratulations to our Mathletics Champions!

Super Mathlete

Lambeth Class : Marwa – 3850 Points and

                                 Nicole –  3940Points.

Vauxhall Class : Krishan – 3070 Points and

                                 Elias – 2380Points.

Gold Award

Lambeth Class :

Vauxhall Class: Krishan and Shun Ming

Silver Award

Vauxhall Class : Kostek

Lambeth Class:  Sackena, Ryan, Deyan and Jayden. 

Bronze Award :

Lambeth Class : Comella x2, Isaiah, Brooke, Ben, Adoma, Lena, Shuajb, Japdeep, Zayna x2, Deyan, Vanessa, Jayden, Marwa x2, Nicole x2, Isabella and Amira x2.

Vauxhall Class : Shun Ming, Krishanh, Reluwane, Micah x2, Tristan, Aalliyah, Yeabsira, Ali, Mila, Isabella, Michelle x2, Sayyid, Suvisha and Elias

Our  topic for this term is called ‘Puppet on a string’.

Our Learning for this week…


Poetry – We will reading some poems and discuss the key features of a poem. Then, we will support children to plan, create and publish their own poems.- ‘Down at the station’, ‘The Sound Collector’. We


First, we will complete our subtraction word problems tasks. Then we will be looking at Measuring this week Volume and Capacity. Our children will be using out-door area to explore their learning.  


Children will be naming and identifying plant parts we eat. Example: roots, leaves, stems, seeds, flowers. We will be listening and learning ‘ Plant alphabet song’.


Children will name, locate and identify characteristics of the 4 countries and capital cities of the United Kingdom and its surrounding season Maps-Atlas work.


We will be supporting children to master basic skipping skills. We will encourage them to develop foot patterns that aid skipping.


Children will learn to talk about their feelings. Discussion about Big/small worries – How can we get help?  What can we do?…. We will be reading the text -‘ The Huge Bag Worries’.


We will be looking at Hindusium- Hindus believes about God.

This week –  Home work:– Science.

Please hand it in by Wednesday 12th June, 2019

Please continue …


*Reading daily to develop fluency and comprehension skills.

*Play phonic games on Phonics Play / Starfall Phonics

https://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/freeIndex.htm http://more.starfall.com/?t=253552593&y=1

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