After an eventful week, we are now taking big steps towards half-term. We hope everybody is having a wonderful weekend. For anyone, who might have “misplaced” the homework or not received it due to absence, please click below.



Next week’s learning journey

Maths: We will gradually be expanding our skills in mental and formal addition and subtraction.

English: We will use a range of narrative techniques to retell a key scene from our class-novel and further develop our use of expanded noun phrases.

ICT: We will continue with e-safety and giving advice on how to navigate safely online.

Science: We will re-visit the topic “Earth as a spherical body” and explore how we can prove that fact. 

Art: This week should see use create the first draft/plan for our cardboard relief work.

PE: Now, we will combine, Music, PE and Science and begin creating a sequence of balances to Gustav Holst’s Planet suite (Jupiter – for maximum jollification).