Hello children and parents. We are half way through a lovely sunny week and there are some exciting learning challenges to do. Enjoy!

We conclude our learning with out topic ‘Let it Grow’ and it is linked to our science topic of plants. Children have already learnt about the names of different flowering plants and trees, parts of a plant , conditions for plant growth, plant parts we eat and also done a simple investigation.

Parents please contact Mrs Jeevahan and Mrs Ramakrishnan with any queries or questions at howardyear1@gmail.com

Children can continue to post their work, photos and videos at Classdojo. Thank you everyone. It has been wonderful to see your posts. Keep in touch !

Our Learning this week…


We have learnt about the names of different flowering plants and trees, parts of a plant , conditions for plant growth, plant parts we eat.

Use the links for a quick recap.

Types of plants :


Plant Parts:


What does a plant need to grow.


Plant parts we eat

Activity: Please can you write a simple report about all the facts you have learnt using each part as a heading. What can the title be?


Hope you are continuing to practise the new sounds you learn. Remember your sound buttons.

Daily Phonics lessons provided by Ruth Miskin Training via this link: Daily Phonics lessons by Ruth Miskin Training.
Children working with Ms Dale & Mrs Hunjan please follow Set 1 and Set 2


Tricky words

Reading Activities


Mrs Ramakrishnan &Mrs Jeevahan’s group please follow set 3


Tricky words

Reading activities:


Why not use Phonics play to try some games and reading activities?



Please continue reading at home and do post your videos on Class Dojo.
Here are three different texts – Our focus this week is Our Beautiful Blue Planet

Please read and answer questions using the information from the text.

The first one is easy and the second and third one is a little challenging. Please answer questions orally by referring to the text.

Click on the link below to view the text. Why not post your work to class dojo for the teachers to check?

Our Beautiful Blue Planet 1

Our Beautiful Blue Planet 2

Our Beautiful Blue Planet 3

Please continue reading by using Oxford owls – you can find the bookband your child was reading and find a book.


You can also try collinsconnect

To sign into Collins Connect open the Teacher portal and enter username: parents@harpercollins.co.uk & password: Parents20!  and click Login.

Let’s celebrate the Mathletics Champions of this week…

Silver Award

Lambeth Class: Bonnie, Michael, Aliyah, Stanley

Vauxhall Class: Adem, Agyeiwaa

Bronze Award

Lambeth Class : Tome, Brady, Emily, Luke, Hasan, Yusuf, Jennifer, Mia, Mustafa, Sakhile, Carter

Vauxhall Class : Ishmael, Zachary, Kelcia, Rayyan, Yigit, Alesha, Harrison, Elena, Freddie, Aayush


We continue our multiplication learning using arrays.

Here is the key vocabulary mat.



Maths week 5 Arrays 1

Week 5 Arrays 2


PE with Jasmine

Log into:

The website address is: home.jasmineactive.com 
Parent email: parent@howardprim-1.com
Password: howardprim


PE with Jo Live


Enjoy this fun activity…

Can you make up a song and post on Class Dojo?



Activity 1 : Make a puppet.

1.Choose a favourite character from stories you have enjoyed.

2.Use any resources you have at home. Make a puppet. It could be a lolly stick puppet, a sock puppet, finger puppet, glove puppet.

3.Can you draw your favourite character and describe it and explain why they are special to you.

4.Take a photo and post it on class dojo.

Activity 2 : Be a news reporter

1. Watch BBC newsround.


Think about how the reporters ask questions and present the news.

2. Interview your mum or dad or even grandparents on the phone. Find out about them when they were little / young.

Where were they born? / Which school did they go to? Who were their friends / teachers?/ Were they good at school? / What toys did they play with? / Did they have brothers and sisters? / What were their hobbies and interest as a child? 

3. You can do a video and post on Class Dojo or Make a poster about the adult you choose.

RE – Islam

Happy Eid to all our children and parents celebrating this coming weekend after a month of fasting!

Here is a video about it.

Try and relax with Cosmic Yoga.

Be safe and have a lovely Half-Term!