Summer 2 – Week 3 – 21st June 2021

Summer 2 Week 3 – 21st June 2021


ATTENTION: Our trip will take place on Wednesday instead of Monday as the forecast for Monday is rather dreadful. Third time lucky!!!

Find here our Learning Objectives of the week ahead.


I can apply division methods.
I can find the perimeter of quadrilaterals.

I can find the perimeter of different polygons.

I can secure my mental arithmetic skills (Times-tables etc.).


I can explore new vocabulary.

I can edit my work based on feedback given.

I can secure my knowledge of sentence types.

I can use comprehension skills to place events in order.

I can recount a chapter of a story.


Desayuno en el cafe: I can use basic vocabulary and phrases to order food.


I can investigate places.

I can investigate and interpret the past (Surrey Street).

I can build an overview of world history (transport)


I can evaluate what makes a good website and plan my own (in classroom)

Have a great Sunday evening. We are looking forward to seeing you tomorrow morning.

Miss Winser, Mrs Verma, Mrs Brown and Mr Grundey