Summer 1 Week 3 – 3rd May 2021

Happy Monday to all of you,

Now, we have arrived in May (not sure if the weather has realised that though) and another interesting week is starting. For the next two weeks we are blocking Geography. How exciting!


I can subtract decimals with the same number of decimal places.

I can add decimals across 1 (different numbers of decimals)

I can subtract decimals across 1 (different numbers of decimal places)

I can add and subtract whole numbers and decimals



I can identify and explore the difference between Prose and Poetry.

I can identify and explore intertextuality in Poetry.

I can secure and apply Comprehension strategies. Focus: Skimming & Scanning

I can visualise a character or setting. (incl. annotations)



I can name the different rooms in my home.


I can design and create an advanced tessellation in Inkscape.


After reviewing natural resources and conditions we will dive into linking Climate Change, Fairtrade and Sustainability. What a fantastic topic!

Recap – I can identify and characterise the world’s Biomes – Focus on describing and characterising deserts in Africa.

I can identify and characterise life in the Sahel Zone (incl. desertification).

We will see you all tomorrow morning (please bring an old T-Shirt for Art).

Miss Winser, Mrs Verma, Mrs Brown and Mr Grundey