Summer 1 – Week 1 – 19th April 2021

Happy Summer Term to all of you and your families,

Now that the sun is finally a little kinder to us, we will feel the energy oozing out. This coming week, we will be learning:


I can multiply 3-digit by 2-digit numbers.

I can multiply 4-digit by 2-digit numbers.

I can multiply 4-digit by 2-digit numbers – investigation.

I can divide 4-digit by 1 digit numbers.

I can divide 4-digit by 1 digit numbers – with remainders.



I can use expression when reciting a poem. (Love that Dog by Sharon Creech)

I can use group discussions to explore motives and patterns in poetry.

I can use “Tell-Me-Booktalk” to explore a poem.

I can express likes and dislikes about poetry.

I can develop balanced arguments about poetry.


Reading Focus: I can use and secure different reading comprehension strategies.


I can acquire first words and phrases when talking about my home.


I can explore algorithms to create Art in Scratch (linked with Inkscape)

This term, we want to try something new and arrange the other of our foundation subjects in blocks. As a result, we will then have several lessons in a week hoping this allows us the chance to keep on the ball and dive deeper into our topics.


I can design a large scale sculpture according to a given specification


We will focus on finishing off our SRE topic:

I can identify physical changes during puberty and compare them.

I can identify psychological changes.

I can identify and acquire strategies on how to cope with changes at home and at school.

We can’t wait to see you tomorrow morning.

Miss Winser, Mrs Verma, Mrs Brown and Mr Grundey