Southwark News Spring Term 2 Week 5

Our learning objectives this week are:

Maths – This week we will be continuing our learning about perimeter and area of rectilinear shapes as well as assessing where we are at with our arithmetic strategies.

English – Over the next two weeks, we will be doing a poetry unit focusing on using apostrophes for possession of regular and irregular plurals. The answers to the homework sent out on Monday at the end of this blog. If you would like to help your child with any grammar homework you may find the following link helpful

Science and Topic– After Easter, we will be beginning two new topics-The Rainforest and in Science, we will be learning about electricity. If you know of any electricians who would be happy to come and talk to year 4 about their job please let me know.

PE- We will be learning to play team games fairly and showing good sportsmanship. Our gymnastics lessons will focus on showing tension through our sequence of balances.

RE- We will continue to understand why Easter is an important time of year for Christians.


On Friday children are raising money for Red Nose Day and as a class we are doing crazy hair styles, painting nails and temporary tattoos. Children also need to wear something red along with their own clothes. Children will need to bring £1 to take part in this.

Well done to Olga and Quresh who received Merit certificates this week for always giving due care and attention to their school work.

Homework Answers for parents 

Be the Teacher!
In the forest, the wolves’ howls echoed as the trees’
branches swayed in the wind. Underground, in the
foxes’ home, they huddled together to get warm.
In the trees, the squirrels’ feet pattered as they
scrambled up and down the branches looking for
food. In a clearing, the children’s hands shivered
with cold. On the children’s heads, were warm,
woollen hats and scarves around their necks. The
scarves’ tassels fluttered like snowflakes. On their
feet, all the shoes’ laces were frozen in the cold
weather. From close by, the adults’ shouts floated
on the wind. The boys’ faces began to smile as it
was time to go home and get warm.
Correctly placed apostrophes have been circled. All
other apostrophes should have been crossed out by
the children.