Returning after half-term: Week beginning 30th October

Dear all, We hope you had a restful, exciting and enjoyable week, but also managed to keep your eyes on some of your homework. How are the rocket-designs developing? We are very excited to see them.
Next week, we will be doing the following:


Together, we will revisit what the children have learning regarding the reading and interpreting of data using different visualisations. We will extend our skills of reading, interpreting and drawing line graphs and then move on to solving problems using (line-)graphs.


We will independently research facts needed for a non-chronological report of our choice. Then will will plan the report and write it using a range of language devices. Eventually, we will further improve our editing skills by proof-reading, peer-assessing and up-leveling our work.

SPAG: We will practise the spellings of Homophones as well as words with prefixes and suffices.

RE: We will further explore Hinduism – beliefs and Gods.

PE: We will have the chance to develop our Hockey skills as well as our fitness during circuits training.

ICT: We shall be exploring a very common problem, Video game addiction.

Music: The children will secure and extend their Guitar and Piano skills during Soundstart (A-Minor, G-Major …).