Monday May 13th, 2019

Congratulations to Year 4 especially Lucy, Emilana, Ryan and Leen who was passionate about a cause they strongly believed in and made a decision to raise awareness about WWF and worked hard to ensure that ‘Wear it Wild Day’ was an  incredible success ! Thank you for your generous support… we managed to raise at least £ 500.

Our Mathletics Champions this week…

Super Mathlete

Lambeth Class : Shuajb 4180Points and Ryan 2631 Points

Vauxhall Class : Elizabeth 2407 Points and Oliver 2340Points.

Silver Award

Lambeth Class : Nicole, Adoma

Vauxhall Class : Oliver

Bronze Award :

Lambeth Class : Japdeep, Shuajb,Ryan, Deyan, Comella ,Leo, Kye, Isaiah, Jayden, Lena, Amira

Vauxhall Class : Yeabsira, Micah, Elizabeth, Suvisha

Our context this term is ‘Let It Grow’. It is linked to Science and children will learn about plants. They will name and identify common flowers and plants as well as describe the basic structure of plants.

Our learning this week.


We will continue learning about Katie – a cheeky adventurous character who jumps into paintings by reading the Katie series of books by James Mayhew especially Katie’s Picture Show.


Children will  recap on how to add numbers using a range of resources and pictorially represent their working. Children will apply their learning to solve problems. Children will also continue their learning about measures especially measuring length using metres and centimetres.


Children will observe seasonal changes ‘Spring’ and describe weather patterns and understand how day length varies. They will also continue learning about the names of common flowers and plants  including deciduous and evergreen trees. Children will also plan, write and edit a non chronological report about Spring.


Children will name, locate and identify characteristics of the 4 countries and capital cities of the United Kingdom and its surrounding seas on Maps-Atlas work.


We will be exploring movement actions with control. We will also continue gymnastics- Children will be learning to travel, balance and sequence movements.


SEAL- Good to be me. Children will be thinking about people in their circle of friendship. They will also explore a range of feelings during Circle time.


Children will be learning about primary and secondary colours.


We will be looking at Hinduism – Authority and worship.

 Home work :– SPaG ( Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar sheet)

Please hand it in by Wednesday 15th May, 2019

Please continue …


*Reading daily to develop fluency and comprehension skills.

*Play phonic games on Phonics Play / Starfall Phonics




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