Dear all,

As you will be aware, today, the decision was made to close the schools from next week, which means that Friday will be our last school day before the Easter Holidays.


Today the children present in Year 5 received a home learning pack in anticipation of the closure. Over the next two days, the children who attend school, will have normal lessons as much as possible. Parallel to that, we will prepare the class blogs to replace the classroom from next week. This means the following:

  • Maths: From Monday, we intend to teach via the blog. This means, we will upload the slides as .pdf, .ppt or videos as well as the worksheets (.doc / .odt) so that they can be completed on the sheet and returned to school when we next see each other.
  • Spelling and English will be set on a regular basis (1x to 3x per week) depending on our commitments elsewhere.
  • Science: The children will gradually be set different projects (e.g. create a biography of a chosen Scientist). Details will be released on a weekly basis.
  • Art: Examples or videos will be uploaded weekly together with a range of suggested activities.
  • Spanish: Please visit¬† as often as possible, log-in (username is your class name in lower case and password is howard) and then complete a range of activities starting with Las frutas. (Further activities and topics will gradually be released.)
  • PE: Together with your parent, explore ways of doing PE inside and during short stays outside (remember to keep a distance of 2m+). Have a look at:
  • ICT, History and Geography: Any resources will be uploaded weekly together with suggestions for further studies/activities.

Please remain calm (which is easier said than done), make the best of your time and most of all, use the many learning opportunities. We can’t wait to read some books that we can share with you later.

Remember that you are creating History.


First of all, here are a few general resources you could use in the mean-time or as a supplement:







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