Our last week before February half-term, we will be spending finishing off the warning dreams and the topic forces, but first of all, here is a copy of the homework:


  • Subtracting fractions and mixed numbers with the same and related denominators.
  • Multiplying unit and non-unit fractions as well as mixed numbers.

With the help of our class-novel “Room 13” we will be …

  • Using Success Criteria and feedback to write, edit and improve our writing/narration.
  • Identifying the features of a good biography.
  • Boxing up to identify key information from a biography.
  • Uplevelling a mediocre biography.
  • SPaG: Using Parenthesis.
  • Have a look at the video: https://www.literacyshed.com/draculas-whitby.html#
  • Exploring the effects of levers to translate force.
  • Spanish: I can use Spanish to talk about pets.
  • Geography: I can use 4- and 6-digit grid-references.
  • ICT: I can apply my knowledge of programming to create a simple Scratch programme.
  • PSHE: Connor and Faye will be back for a last time teaching us how to keep fit and healthy.