Here arrives your Easter Holidays Homework (even though it doesn’t feel like it). The homework sheet is quite relaxed.

PDF: Sp2-Wk6-Easter-Homework   DOC: Sp2-Wk6-Easter-Homework

The main task is to complete any unfinished tasks from the last 2 weeks. TasksOverview Last2Weeks  Please you this list with an overview of all tasks to track what you have done and what you still need to do. Respecting your holidays, this class-blog will only be updated on the 19th April again. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email or Class-Dojo.

Maths: Visit the brilliant White-Rose website and complete the home-learning activities (maybe one or two lessons per day as they only take a few minutes) –

  • Use this sheet to keep track of the tasks you have done: WhiteRoseHomeLearning-RecordSheet DOC

  • If the questions are a bit tricky, by all means, please also visit tasks/lessons from the other year-groups.

Also, if you are very keen on more work, please have a look at these booklets from Primary Education (Prim-Ed_Publishing_Y5_P6_Parent_Pack usually paid for) and the Plazoom project on Alice in Wonderland (KS2 Alice in Wonderland home learning pack). Another optional activity is that the children can continue working on the TTS (My_Activity_Book_Yrs_7_11).


Since we don’t want to forget our RE learning, check out the following websites to revisit the Easter story:


For some fun-activities during the Easter break, visit:



There is so much Music out in the world. From …

Myleene Klass’ Music Classes for children ( to

David Walliams’ ( and

the fabulous “Out of the Ark”. This website provides some free home singing resources:


Have fun and stay safe.

Remember to sign up to Class-Dojo if you have not yet done so and feel free to contact us if there are any questions about learning.

The Year 5 team