Good morning everybody,

This is a message from Howard’s Eco Reps.

Over the last weeks, we had started to compile a range of activities we wanted to suggest to you for Earth Hour, which is tonight at 20:30. We will be switching our lights off to show our awareness of problems around the protection of Earth, sustainability, the responsible use of resources etc.

Check out the official website:


Here are our suggestions:

  1. Task: Write a poem about or to nature sharing your admiration of nature, your concerns, your pledges (what you could do to help). Then read it to another person or – sounds strange – to a plant.
  2. A voice for the planet” – Letter writing: Pretending to be “Mother” or “Father Nature”, write a letter to an important (maybe not so eco-friendly person/politician/…) voicing your pains and concerns and ask for immediate, specific action.

  3. Writing Pledges: Write a pledge/plan of action that you promise to take in order to help protect our planet.

  4. An Earth-Hour Game: Create a game with an environmental topic (e.g. Taboo/Speak out, Pictionary … – Eco-Version of Monopoly might take very long, though).

      • e.g. Pick 10 Topic words (related to Earth Hour, the Environment, …) and write them on a card each.

      • Then, to each word, decide on 5 taboo words that must not be mentioned when explain/describing the topic word,

      • Play the game with a partner,  

  5. Howard’s Eco Bunting: Create bunting with a clear about: Why it is important to use resources on our planet responsibly and sustainably (so that future generations have the same access to the resources like electricity, water etc.)

Remember to send your work (or a picture of it) to …

…so that we can display them on the blogs and website.

With a big thank you from your Eco Reps