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Mrs Pollington

How to stay mentally healthy

Dec 10, 2020

Breathing-Y5 Pyman-Food Breath Zones of Regulations-Which Tools- Y5 Damara Breathing-Y2 Danny-Spiral Breath Breathing-Y1-Handy Breath

Teaching children to keep mentally healthy is part of our everyday practice. We do so by using a programme called Zones of Regulation. Children are taught that feelings have a colour and belong to a zone : red ( extreme feelings such as being furious, frightened), yellow ( not able to concentrate on anything as hyper vigilant, hyperactive, elated, annoyed), green ( able to manage distractions, focused so feeling calm, content) , blue ( feeling tired, sad, sick, lonely). Being in a zone can result in unwanted behaviors which can make it difficult for a child to learn , to relate to others  and to self regulate. Self regulation is a skill  and it means that children can manage their emotions in appropriate ways by using their preferred tools.

One of the most popular tool is the breath as anyone can do it . Learning breathing techniques to focus, re-energise or calm is part of our mindfulness routines .


Watch some of our children explaining how to use their breathing techniques and more.








What is a support Bubble?

Nov 8, 2020

Explaining Covid19 related terminology to children and young people can be daunting. Misunderstandings can create anxiety in young people.

If you are looking for a child friendly version to use for a conversation with your children, please have a look at this explanation of what is a support bubble.

What is a Support Bubble_


Welcome back to Howard Primary

Sep 8, 2020

Welcome back to Howard Primary! Books can be an effective tool to talk and explore anxieties about going back to school as well as starting in a new class or celebrating big moments like starting nursery! In the photo I added a selection of my favourite children books you might want to read with your child or recommend to family and friends. For more options please visit BookTrust: https://www.booktrust.org.uk/booklists/s/starting-school/ Happy Reading!?