Welcome to Waterloo Bridge Class

Class Teacher – Mrs K Fallon

Teaching Assistant – Miss Hollie Halcombe

We are pleased to welcome your child to Waterloo Bridge class and are grateful for your help and support.



Children are asked to read at home on a daily basis and their book should be brought to school each day. It is helpful if parents can comment regularly in their child’s Reading Record, particularly when their child has finished their book. Children are responsible for changing and selecting their own books in the morning.


Children will be given homework each Friday to be handed in by the following Tuesday. Children are also asked to learn spellings and times tables at home. They are responsible for recording their homework in their homework diary.


Children are asked to bring to school a water bottle. They should have a waterproof coat when it is raining or the forecast is for rain.

Week Beginning 23rd April

April 23, 2019

This week our learning will be as follows.

  • In mathematics we will learn to recognise and find fractions and to use equivalent fractions.
  • In English we will learn about the features of performance poetry. We will practise performing our poems.
  • In topic time we will introduce our new topic of the Romans.
  • In science we will learn about the parts of a plant.

Now that the weather is warmer it is important that children have a water bottle in school each day.  Juice or squash should not be brought to school.

Week Beginning 1st April.

March 29, 2019

We had a great week last week in Waterloo Bridge Class. We enjoyed taking part in cross country running at Duppas Hill Park on Tuesday. We also participated in “Wear a Hat” day on Friday. This week our learning will be as follows.

  • In mathematics we will learn to divide numbers both with and without remainders.
  • In English we will write newspaper articles based on the Easter story.
  • In topic time we will focus on work around the Easter story creating sadness and joy collages.
  • In PHSE we will continue our work using the NSPCC’s “Let’s talk pants” materials. Details of this can be found at https://www.nspcc.org.uk/preventing-abuse/keeping-children-safe/underwear-rule/

It was lovely seeing parents at parents’ evening meetings this week and last. Please get in touch if you still need a meeting.

We break up on Friday 5th April. We hope that all families have a great Easter holiday.


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