Welcome to Waterloo Bridge Class

Class Teacher – Mrs K Fallon

Teaching Assistants – Mrs Glenn and Mrs Tooze

We are pleased to welcome your child to Waterloo Bridge class and are grateful for your help and support.



Children are asked to read at home on a daily basis and their book should be brought to school each day. It is helpful if parents can comment regularly in their child’s Reading Record, particularly when their child has finished their book. Children are responsible for changing and selecting their own books in the morning.


Children will be given homework each Friday to be handed in by the following Tuesday. Children are also asked to learn spellings and times tables at home. They are responsible for recording their homework in their homework diary.


Children are asked to bring to school a water bottle. They should have a waterproof coat when it is raining or the forecast is for rain.

Ronald Dahl reading 6th April

April 6, 2020


Today the Twits begin playing tricks on each other.

Week Beginning 6th April

April 5, 2020

The children are now due to start their Easter Holiday. They have worked hard this term both at school and at home and may be ready for a change of routine. We suggest the following activities for the Easter Holidays.

Topic Work

The children have already been asked to complete a project on the Romans over the Easter Holidays. This can be in the format of their own choosing (e.g a book or a poster). They might  include information on;

  • The geography of the Roman Empire
  • Roman soldiers
  • Roman weapons
  • Roman food
  • Roman buildings
  • Roman baths
  • Roman clothes
  • Roman mosaics
  • The Roman amphitheatre


After Easter our plan is to teach a unit on measure.  If the children are able to do some cooking or baking over the Easter period this would help them develop their skills. They should weigh and measure their ingredients carefully.

Children should continue to use the mathletics, Times Tables Rockstars and Numbots websites.




Children should now have all received their log-in information for numbots and Times Tables rockstars (It is the same password for both sites) and they should already have a password for mathletics. If you do not have these log-in details please contact us on Class Dojo or on Howardyear3@gmail.com.


It is important that children keep up with their reading at this time. The following websites should be helpful.

The Book Trust site offers a wide range of age appropriate activities including free e-books. videos, games, recipes, competitions, quizzes


The Oxford Owl’s site also provides free e-books and age appropriate information. It also includes recommendations if you are able to order a book on line.


Harry Potter fans will also enjoy!


We will continue to try to post a reading from Roald Dahl’s, The Twits each working day.

Easter Activities.

Some of you completed a storyboard based on the Easter Story.  We planned to look at sadness and joy at Easter at school and would love it if they could complete sadness and joy pictures. A sadness picture might include crosses, dark clouds and raindrops while a joy picture could include flowers, Easter eggs, the sun etc.

You could use the following websites to remind your child of the Easter story:



The following websites also include some Easter activities which should be fun for the children:




The Out of the Ark website provides some free home singing resources – there are some good Easter songs in Week 3 which your children might enjoy singing.


We know this is a difficult time for many families and are thinking of you all. We are missing the children very much and hope we will be together again soon. We wish everyone a Happy Easter.

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