Welcome to Waterloo Bridge Class

Class Teacher – Mrs K Fallon

Teaching Assistant – Miss Hollie Halcombe

We are pleased to welcome your child to Waterloo Bridge class and are grateful for your help and support.



Children are asked to read at home on a daily basis and their book should be brought to school each day. It is helpful if parents can comment regularly in their child’s Reading Record, particularly when their child has finished their book. Children are responsible for changing and selecting their own books in the morning.


Children will be given homework each Friday to be handed in by the following Tuesday. Children are also asked to learn spellings and times tables at home. They are responsible for recording their homework in their homework diary.


Children are asked to bring to school a water bottle. They should have a waterproof coat when it is raining or the forecast is for rain.

Week Beginning 14th October

October 13, 2019

The children enjoyed their visits to Get Fired last week and produced some beautiful artwork. Their tiles have been left in Get Fired to be fired in their kiln. The children will be able to take their tiles home after the half term holiday.

This week our learning will be as follows;

  • In mathematics we will continue to use formal written methods to carry out addition and subtraction calculations. We will learn to check our answers using inverses.
  • In English we will write instructions for making a Stone Age tile.
  • In science we will test the strength of different magnets.
  • In topic time we will continue our learning on the Stone Age.
We are looking forward to our Stone Age dress up day on Friday and hope that as many children as possible will dress up.



Week Beginning 30th September

September 27, 2019

This week our learning will be as follows;

  • In mathematics we will continue our work on addition and subtraction. We will learn to add and subtract 3-digit numbers and tens, and 3-digit numbers and hundreds. We will then learn to use formal written methods.
  • In English we will plan and write our own version of Stone Age Boy.
  • In science we will investigate magnets.
  • In topic time we will learn about Stone Age cave paintings.
  • In RE we will learn about Hindu holy books.


We have planned visits to Get Fired in Purley to allow the children to paint a cave painting design on a tile. Waterloo Class will visit on 10th October and Blackfriars on 11th October.



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